Memento Amare by G.D. Cox

This book was a gripping read.....
I found myself a little bit confused at first with the way the timeline kept skipping to one part of the main characters lives and then another but to be honest, if it was written any other way the book wouldn't have been as good.
I can imagine when you work in a very tight knit, elite force like Phelan and Clyde do, that keeping personal lives secret is a must. Any enemies you may have can use loved ones as bargaining power which could be fatal.
After a rocky start, the two men become so entwined in each other that they almost become one. When something happens to Clyde and their world as they know it is torn apart, can love find a way to pull them back.
These two strong, almost indestructible men, find themselves in so many dangerous situations but the scars they wear seem to make them hotter!!
As we go backwards and forwards in time, their life and love is revealed in snippets and with each jump I fell more in love with them both....
A fabulously written book and I can't wait to see what this author does next.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x