Exposure by Aly Hayden

Two men, both with their own problems they are trying to overcome, both shy about asking the other one out for fear of losing a friendship.
Sounds like a pretty standard scenario but what this author does with it makes for a really good read....
Sam works as a barista, he is happy in his job with his little work family around him. Every day he waits for Ben to come in for his regular drink. They get on well and have a laugh but Sam knows that if he just worked up the courage, Ben would be the man for him.
Ben was a photographer who worked at the gallery. All of his friends from the coffee shop had seen his work apart from Sam, obviously he wasn't interested so he settled for just being friends.
When Sam had to take an imaginary boyfriend home, Ben was thrust in to the arms of the man he wanted. Who knew what would happen, if anything....
The trouble is, when a relationship begins with a lie, it's never going to end well!!
A nice, sweet book with a HEA.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x