Facing West by Lucy Lennox

I love starting a new series, the prospect of many good books to come, meeting the characters for the first time and seeing how it all develops.
This new one from Lucy Lennox certainly didn't let me down.
A lovely story about a boy who sacrificed his family to save them and a man who is surrounded by his.
When Nico had left town at an early age, he tried to leave behind the feelings he had for West.
When a call unexpectedly takes him home and he finds himself looking after his sister's baby, the last person he thought he would find helping him was his old crush.
West had lost his best friend and was faced with the possibility of giving up her baby when the girls uncle arrives in town. He had spent years resenting the young boy for running from his family and causing his sister pain but he was about to find out the truth, whether he would accept it or not was another matter.
I loved the dynamic between the two, one trying to live in a world with no one and the other has more family than he can count.
The slow burn of feelings and the reality of a situation that neither is sure they can face alone makes for a brilliant story.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x