Sweet Thing by Isobel Starling

Where  do you draw a line between love and affection, and obsession?
Wherever it is, Simeon hasn't just crossed it slightly, he has jumped across it and kept on running as fast as he could in to utter madness and desperation.
He loved Pieter totally and completely and when he didn't get that love returned, he turned to drugs, alcohol and totally meaningless sex to get over it.
He never quite manages and when he tries to ruin his best friend, it backfires and he ends up in a rehab facility that will hopefully help him. If he doesn't give it all up he could die, simple as that.
Now for Simeon, he can give up the drink and drugs but without sex he might as well be dead anyway so that's one thing he will never admit to depending on!!!
Finally clean he confronts his wrongs and tries to fix them, or at least apologise. What he doesn't ever consider is that his friend might be willing to forgive....
Bastian is in pain. The love of his life is gone and he can't move on. He has tried to have some sort of physical contact with other men and it all goes ok until they realise he can't get an erection.
When the two men meet they end up being the very thing they both need to move forward in their lives. Will they be able to see past each others demons and finally find happiness or are they too far lost?
This book called to me on every level, I felt their pain, their loss and despair. It felt like I was on the road to recovery with them and I love it when I get so invested in the characters.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x