Echoes of the Gods by Gaia Sol

Echoes of the Gods is a debut novel from new writer Gaia Sol, all about the adventures of Shara and Yngvi. The places and characters hail from the mythological Norse Realm, Aegyptus and Graecia making the entire book exotic and fantastic and extremely absorbing.

Shara and Yngvi meet in Midgard where Yngvi serves the gods of Asgard as a soldier. Shara is visiting on a mission of his own from his homeland of Niburi and the pair get caught up in a battle between gods and humans and monsters. Yngvi is a skilled warrior yet Shara is outstanding and the mutual admiration leads to a friendship that blossoms into a sexual one. It is a new experience for Shara and Yngvi soon learns there is much more to his new lover than what he can see on the outside.

Yngvi joins Shara on his quest across the mythological stratosphere where they encounter many challenges that impact heavily on their fledgling relationship.

Ultimately this is of course a love story of two men who when they least expect it, find their soul mate. The obstacles put in their way towards their HEA are the essence of the story and it is an exciting one. All the characters are interesting and well formed and the storyline is thrilling. The two main characters have strong personalities that are not compromised for the sake of a romantic tale. Their physical interaction is sexy and relevant and emotive.

I loved everything about this book and hope for more of the same from Gaia Sol.
5 stars