Soul Searching by A J Rose

This book is slightly different to what I would normally read. Although MM, it has a slightly scary, mystery type storyline to it.
I must say though that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Firstly we have the scenario of two best friends, one in love with the other but never brave enough to admit to it, he sits on the sidelines and watches boyfriends come and go...
Then we have the best friend, seemingly in a string of relationships where he sees himself as unworthy of being loved due to his history.
Throw in a couple of ghosts and the book takes on an entirely different direction. Both men hearing things, strange happenings and lots of bumps in the night.
Something in the house is making tempers fray and when a black mist appears, Merrick and Trevor's pest, their friend Tempest realises that what they are dealing with isn't quite as friendly as Casper!!
This book was a very well written and engaging one. I loved the dynamics between everyone, even the friendly ghost with a helping hand.
I'm hoping that there is more to come in this vein from the author.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x