Jingle Spell by Chris Ethan

So this book doesn't exactly start off full of the christmas spirit but it's christmas!!Who can resist all that magic?
The main character Davey has all but given up, dating obviously wasn't working so hooking up is the way to go. I have never come across anyone with less christmas spirit, apart from Scrooge maybe....
What Davey needs is a man, just a one night of pleasure type of scenario, he knows he isn't relationship material.
Enter our second main character, Avery....
Although on a site where men really only meet to have sex, he seems to want more!
A very cute courting of sorts follows, Avery is quite sure of what he wants until his past arrives to shake it all up. Poor old Davey, is he destined to be alone at christmas again?
I personally think there is enough christmas spirit out there to save the day but only time will tell...
A lovely little read from this fabulous author, pick it up, get a cuppa and enjoy the story. I know I did!
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x