The Soldier Next Door by Brigham Vaughn

I love a story with an age gap....
This one isn't too massive for those of you that don't like that sort of thing and the book is definitely worth reading.
Short, full of passion, lust, heartache and angst. Just the way I like them.
When you have grown up looking at the kid next door as just that, a kid, what happens when he's all grown up and almost too much man to handle.
For Travis, it's exactly what happens and he's not sure quite what to do. His body obviously wants Owen if the tenting in his pants is anything to go by but his brain is telling him no!!!
For Owen, Travis was always the hot neighbour that he dreamed of and this year he was determined to make his dreams come true.
When the inevitable happens and feelings start developing, it's too late to do anything about it when Owen leaves to serve in the army and all contact is cut off.
Only when he returns does Travis find out why...
Will he be able to forgive Owen for leaving him with a broken heart when he realises the man was trying to do the right thing?
A really good story, full of passion, seriously hot in places and with healthy dose of what for some, is a harsh reality.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x