Back Where he Belongs by Isobel Starling

This was a very sweet little novella, well written as usual by this author, with a Christmas theme.
It was slightly unusual as I haven't come across many books that have dealt with Puppy play and I really liked it. I know there are many kinks out there and am happy to read about them all. I have met a few pups before and follow quite a few on twitter and there are more out there than I realised.
This book dealt with it in a very understanding way, I think there might be a tendency for those that haven't come across it to find it odd but the author had obviously looked in to the way pups are with each other, the dynamics between them and the way they behave.
Alongside this you had a long abandoned romance that was being revisited at a magical time of year in a perfect setting and it all made for a very pleasant read.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x