No Filter (No Shame #1) by Nora Phoenix

I absolutely loved everything about this book. The story, the men, the setting and the outcome. I can't wait for the next one in the series.
Indy is in hiding. He has had the perfect disguise and it's worked for ages, that is until he gets caught up in a robbery and ends up in hospital.
Josh suffers from PTSD and when the shop he's in is robbed, the only thing to bring him out of his flashback is the beautiful young woman who pulls him to the floor and kisses him senseless. After that it's only polite to get her medical attention.
Noah is Josh's best friend and a medic, he didn't come back from war in such great shape himself but when Josh brings in a young woman, both men realise her secret and find themselves captivated by her. Alway willing to help those who are suffering, they take her in to their home and somehow the three of them start to heal each other.
Josh and Noah have a relationship that most wouldn't understand, the relief they give each other works for them and the love they share is obvious. Indy doesn't want to come between them but is theirs a relationship that works the conventional way?
This is a beautiful story of love, trust, support and recovery and all three men find that the best way they can get through this is together.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x