Merry Gentlemen by Josephine Myles

What absolutely delightful little Christmas treat – would make a great stocking filler!


Josephine Myles is a thoroughly entertaining author. Her writing style is often hilarious and the British flavour she brings to her stories is wonderful. I was utterly absorbed right from the start and only having visited Bath briefly years ago, have a yearning to go back there now. Especially for the Christmas market where much of the story takes place.


Riley and Stan used to be a couple but they wanted different things from life. Basically, Riley is a designer clad, Council working City boy, while Stan is all about the trees and wide open spaces in the country side. After years of living together, Stan finally departs Bath to chase his dream of being a woodcutter in the woods leaving Riley to his ambition of becoming a manager at the Council. They are both devastated and when they meet again five years later, it is clear they are far from over each other.


Riley is managing the Christmas Market where Stan has taken a pitch and they spend a blissful few weeks re-connecting. Their chemistry is amazing. However, the time soon comes when Stan has to go home leaving Riley once again bereft and alone.


Can City meet Country in some sort of compromise….read the book to find out.


In essence this story was fairly predictable yet that for me added to the charm. It was in parts hysterical, emotional, erotic and sweet. It was amusing and adorable much like Riley… And sexy of course, just like Stan. The author developed the main characters very well and there was a great supporting cast including a highly vindictive seagull that really needs her own HEA!

5 stars