Art by Adonis by Kris Sawyer

This is a beautiful story....
Aiden is an artist, he knows what he likes and wants for his canvasses and the man he just bumped in to is it!!
Rick has somehow ended up in the wrong place for his job interview. Big mistake or was it meant to be. Only time will tell.
He needs a job badly so when Aiden says he wants him as a subject, although he can't understand why, he takes him up on his offer. He knows his face might look ok but his body is another matter. Why would anyone want to paint a man in a wheelchair?
This slow build book is perfect, the respect and love that grows between the two men is wonderful to read and I only wish the book had been longer.
It's so nice to read a book like this where one person has a disability, it goes to show that underneath the visual, we are all capable of love....
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x