Jace's Trial by J.M. Wolf

This is one of my favourite kind of books. Whatever you call it, May to September, age gap story, I just love the dynamic...
When you lose your inspiration, sometimes it doesn't seem worth carrying on. For Jace life had got like that. His father, his best friend had died and left him barely making it through without him. 
He packed up his life's ambitions and gave up his dreams.
Gerard was a man in pain. Before he had the chance to tell the man he loved that he wanted forever, he had died. Not being able to go to the funeral had been hard and he was finally going to be able to say goodbye at the memorial.
What neither man had counted on was finding solace in the arms of the only other man who had shared the loss as deeply.
This is sometimes a difficult book to read due to an abuse storyline but it's important to the way it all plays out and I feel the book would be lacking a crucial element if it was left out.
The way the author dealt with every possible trigger in this book was very sympathetic and beautifully executed.
I'm glad to see this is book 1 in what promises to be a very captivating series.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x