Hard to Let Go by Jaclyn Quinn

This is a very promising start to a new series...
What would you do if you came face the people that bullied you as a child?
All through high school, Owen had been tormented by a little gang of boys, they didn't like the fact that he was gay and they let him know it...
His family was supportive but it didn't stop the pain and beatings he endured.
Years later he had moved on, bulked up and was living with his boyfriend of three years when one of the bullies crashed back in to his life. Jonah had hired Brody to remodel their kitchen without knowing the connection. Oddly though the reaction that Owen has on the inside, isn't the same as the one he lets others see...
Brody can't believe his luck. He has come back home after being cast out years before and facing his demons is hard. Facing Owen proves to be intersting though!
Finding out hidden pain and working through it isn't going to be easy for either man but somehow it feels worth it. They both find support in the unlikeliest of places.
I am really looking forward to seeing where this series goes, there are a lot of fantastic characters to explore and the scope seems endless.
Well written story from this new author.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x