Just Here for the Pain by K.A. Merikan

I am so glad I found this author, I love everything that they write...
This is the second book in the Underdogs series and it's getting better with each book. There seems to be no limits to what they are prepared to put on the pages and I, for one, love it.
In this one we meet Sid, drummer for the band. He has had a stalker for years who follows him around to every venue.
Asher had hooked up with Sid years ago and wasn't prepared to let him go. When he finally finds out what makes Sid tick, he throws himself in to the role with a passion.
Sid wanted pain...
For a while he had tried an online Dom but he needed to be hurt, badly!! 
When he finds out that Ash is willing to give him what he craves, he lets him in but only if they agree to keep it to themsleves.
The way the story develops might not be for the fainthearted, if you don't like to read about humiliation play then this won't be the book for you as they increasingly induldge in more extreme forms of play.
If you like that sort of thing though, dive in headfirst...
As things develop and the feelings start to change, the two men have a few issues to work through so they both get what they want from the relationship.
Just brilliant, I can't wait to read book three.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x