Love Worth Fighting For (Healing Hearts #3) by Dara J Nelson

I can't fully explain just how perfect this series is.
There are so many couples in it that are either relations, old friends, old lovers that it's so completely interwoven. This makes you really feel like you are part of their story.
This time it's the turn of Tommy and Gio.
When we first met Tommy he was unsure of his sexuality. He had walked in on Kyle and Mark a few times and was totally captivated by what he had witnessed. It had made him feel like being with a man was where his heart lay.
Gio is a man with a few things going on in his life. He hasn't had time to settle down, enjoying the pleasures of many men along the way.
When he first locks eyes with Tommy, he knows it's different. The Tiger has awoken a passion in him he didn't know existed.
Tommy is unsure, he knows he wants Gio but they are taking things slowly. Maybe too slowly for the men at times.
The way the story develops is beautiful. Both men have their hang ups and secrets, some which threaten the relationship. 
With the help of so many experienced friends, in every field, breaking up isn't going to be acceptable.
We get a little bit of insight in to the Tucker and Toby saga. I say saga because what should be so simple is being made so complicated by these men....
I'm looking forward to book 4 to see where the story takes us next. Bring it on....
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x