Ash by Jack L Pyke

So although this is book five in the series, we are starting at the beginning and none of the regular series characters appear in this book.
Yet again I was left confused and perplexed with the story though, which, when it's Jack L Pyke writing is a very good thing. It's what you need and expect from her writing.
Ash is a complex man, his friends seem to be just as messed up, Chase in particular with Jonny seeming to be at least slightly normal...
They play with people's feelings for fun and you just know that one day it will come back to haunt them.
For Ash it really does when a man called Raif follows his every move and insinuates himself in to Ash's life with relative ease. No lock is going to keep him out!!
Ash isn't sure why he is drawn to the seemingly powerful man who visits only at night. It must be the mystery of it that has him panting for more.
Raif has his own agenda and way of doing things and I love they way he operates.
As always with this author there are more mysteries to be uncovered and they will blow you away.
This is not a quick afternoon read but a serious, get stuck in to it story that will keep you hooked.
There is a cliff hanger as usual with this series and I am looking forward to the next one where we find out just how these men tie in with our other guys.
It's been a while coming but so worth the wait.....
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x