The Ballerino and The Biker (Hedonist #1) by Rebecca James

Ok so I read a lot of books, some would say more than average!!
Every now and again though I come across a book that will keep me up all night, turning the pages till I each the end, and then I wish I hadn't because it's over.
This book was one of those.
I really felt like you could connect with these two men. They had both had lives that were less than perfect.
Morgan had lost his brother at a young age to a motorcycle club. Having reconnected as they got older, to then lose Jake in a crash was hard to deal with. Add this to the fact that he then found himself involved in a retaliation style situation with a rival gang and it was all just a bit too much.
Step in Zeke. He lived with the club, preferring it to the stale atmosphere and outdated views at home.
Although loving the ladies there was something about the lithe young dancer he now found himself protecting that was holding his attention a bit more than he was used to.
This was a classic tale of two men from different worlds, the push and pull of not deeming themselves worthy and right for each other.
As we see them face their fears and work through the obstacles in their way, you can't help but want a happy ending...
I am so happy that this is just book 1 in the series, there were lots of characters in the book that could lead to wonderful stories to come.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x