No Pain No Gain by Ari Mckay

This was a series that I hadn't read before. I had them on my kindle but hadn't got round to them so I spent a couple of days reading them all and was pleasantly surprised.
Every book just got better and better, every situation that was written about was perfect for the relevant couple...
In this book we get to see the heartbreak and pain that one of the men go through.
He didn't work for Herc but they were all connected in some way.
Hunter had lived through something so painful he wasn't sure he could go on, in fact in truth he had given up on having a life.
Payne was good at his job, he worked for Herc and had been brought in to try and help Hunter. The man had resisted all help till this point and it was a last resort before he finally lost his last shred of hope.
The story takes on an interesting twist. Conventional methods useless, Payne does what he knows best, he takes Hunter and strips him bare, back to the worst day of his life, with BDSM.
I loved the dynamic of the book. The big, powerful Hunter being taken out of his head by Payne. Physically smaller but he had the mental strength to save him....
The relationship between the two men started off as just a way to get Hunter back on an even keel but developed to so much more. It was beautifully written and the way the issues that Hunter had were dealt with was very sympathetically done.
I think out of all the stories I loved this one the best. 
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x