Escaping From Him by Liam Livings

When Darryl finally kills Dave, he knows it's the end.....

Dave was an annoying air con unit that dried out his eyes, made funny noises and deserved all he got with the large hammer.

Knowing his older, controlling, OCD boyfriend Chris would go mad yet again, he packs what belongings he has into a holdall and escapes to start a new life.

He didn't know where he would be able to hitch a lift to but ending up in Glasgow was perfect, as far away from Chris as he could manage.

Starting his new life meant a new name so Ford was born.

A lucky break with a job and a whole new group of friends meant that he settled in fairly well....

Meeting a new man wasn't something he had planned on but when Callum came in to the photographic studio where he worked, it seemed like his life was about to change for the better.

This was a really sweet story about a young man, trying to find his way in life and being lucky enough to escape the one thing that was holding him back.

The way the new relationship developed ( get it!!!! photo humour ) was just perfect.

Not too much of the all in, lets get it on, but a slow coming together and starting of a new life.

The whole 'family' thing was really nice as well with all the friends looking out for each other.

A lovely read.....

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x