Home Is Where You Are and Returning Home by Alex Jane

Caleb Fletcher was an Alpha without a pack.

He had moved away and was living a quite happy, solitary existence with only letters from his sister to keep him going.

Most of the townsfolk knew he lived there but they kept their distance although the odd few were pleasant enough.

When the local law enforcement turn up with a broken, beaten wolf he just has to take him in till he heals.

What he never expected was to fall in love.

And he certainly never considered that the other wolf might have a hidden agenda.

Jacob had fallen for Caleb many years ago and had clung to the idea of being with him ever since.

With a little help from family he has finally caught up with his future.

This is a wonderful story about two men who fall in love and the prejudices they face and the obstacles they overcome to be together.

The second book takes them home to their families where things aren't exactly what they would have hoped for.

We see them grow and their own little family become whole.

Two men, an idyllic setting and a love that helps them face the world.

What more could you want?

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x