Into You by Jay Nothcote

Olly and Scott were going to be best friends for life, at least that's what the small scar they each had told them.

Thing is as you grow, sometimes the person by your side grows in a different direction.

Olly was gay, he just didn't know how to tell Scott.

When Scott wanted to know how to kiss a girl right, it was decided that he would practice on Olly.

The kiss that was so perfect was the end of their friendship.....

When Scott had insisted afterwards that he was straight, the pain was too much and Olly just couldn't face it.

When one day, years and a lot of animosity later, they woke up in each others bodies, the time had come to face up to their fears and sort things out between them.

Living inside the body of the person you have wanted to touch for a very long time was going to be an interesting experience.

Living the other persons life however was not so easy.

Scott was the perfect jock, on the football team and very in to the gym. Olly was a gentler soul, happier showing his skills off on stage.

Like I said, interesting.....

Sometimes all it takes it a bit of a push and a sprinkling of magic to show you the way in life.

For me this book showed that although we think we might know someone and all that goes on in their lives, we really don't unless we live it for ourselves.

Sometimes it's easier to hide the pain than to face the reality of it.

It's a book that made me sit up and think as well as being a really good story.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x