The God Of Jazz: Fugue, Concord by Varian Krylov

When your dreams fall apart, is it really best to go back to the past and rely on an old rival?

Godard had just seen it all come crashing down around him.

His GoFundMe had failed and then his boyfriend had admitted cheating on him, his life essentially sucked!!!!

When a one time bed partner and old working partner offers to step in with the money to fund his film, he knows it's a mistake but just can't let go of his dream.

His film needs to be made.....

Heading to Spain, he takes some free time to relax before the madness begins and finds himself drawn to a man on the beach, when he sees him again it's playing music in a club and he is totally bewitched by him.

Knowing this fling will only last the time he has in Spain, he falls into Angel's arms, what he didn't count on was falling in to his heart!!!

With Angel being part of the crew, their relationship intensifies quickly but Godard doesn't realise that Angel has a secret.

While the relationship on the screen is coming to an end, their one is just beginning.

Can Godard give up the life he has back home?

Will his past let him go?

Can Angel's secret turn out to be the future he wants?

When an incident happens, suddenly everything becomes much clearer.....

This book was powerful, the men beautiful and you could feel the heat in the air and hear the jazz in the background.

Yet again another brilliant book from this author.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x