Say It Right ( All Saints #2 ) by A.M. Arthur

The world fell apart for Marco and Anthony the day Marco came out.

When his family kicked him out and Anthony's family wouldn't let him stay, he headed off in to the night with a few clothes and a burner phone from his best friend.

He promised to call but never did.

8 years later, Marc has finally turned his life around but it's about to be blown apart when Anthony's little sister comes calling for help.

When Marc had seemingly abandoned him, he had turned to drugs to block out the pain of losing the one he loved.

Helping Anthony was something he would do but it was going to be dangerous for him, he didn't want to fall back in to the ways he had left behind.

His job running a homeless shelter for LGBT kids was what kept him going but now he had a new reason to live.

The man he dreamed off for 8 years was back.

Could he help him get clean, get his life back on track and get the HEA they both deserved.

This story was a very thought provoking one, it makes you see that sometimes there is a reason for the paths we choose in life.

Drugs obviously isn't the answer but for some it's a way of dealing with the pain of loss.

It's not something I have ever dealt with but the way the story was written drew you in and kept you invested.

The waiting to see what would happen kept me up all night until I had read the last word....

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x