Sweet Summer Sweat by Clare London

Right so what can I say about this book!!!

From the front cover, which as you can see is rather delicious, to the last full stop, it was just mind blowingly brilliant.....

I knew the outline of the story and couldn't wait to read it but it really was a pretty genius concept.

Two men escaping their crappy life, the harsh reality of it all, stumble across a seemingly deserted hotel.

Whether it's luck or something else that leads them there is to be revealed.

Scot and Jerry have been together a while, sneaking embraces whenever they can.

Now though they are headed to Vegas and on this little pitstop they discover that their sex life seems to be a living, breathing thing.

The hotel is owned by the elusive Connor Maxwell and run by the strong, macho Vincent and the cute, lithe, sex on legs little thing that is Oliver.

When the voices start and Jerry seems to be under some sort of spell, things start to get odd.

Seemingly the only guests, Scot wonders exactly what's going on and if they will ever leave, and just who will he be leaving with....

To be honest, it made my head spin but in a good way and by the end I could almost hear the voices myself.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue xx