RECOVERY by Angelique Jurd



RECOVERY by Angelique Jurd – 5 stars


When I was sent this book to review, I was over the moon. I have read the 3 novellas that inspired the full length novel, and had already fallen in love with Connor and Lucas, hence I was extremely excited to read how the author had managed to thread the stories into one. I was not disappointed. It was seamless and led to an enjoyable re-read. I read the original books when they came out, a while ago now, leaving sufficient time since then to reacquaint myself with the two main characters and their developing love story. The back drop of Lucas’s struggle with his ‘recovery’ and all that surrounded it, provides the foundations for an absorbing and satisfying story.

Connor tends bar where Lucas visits after work every day. Their friendship takes a painfully long time to progress, but once they get to know one another, it’s obvious they’re a fit. Lucas needs to be confident in Connor’s attraction and Connor has to be patient with Lucas’s insecurities.

There is a healthy amount of angst, humour, intimacy and love. It is a wonderful study of how love can conquer all and that attraction is so much more than skin deep. I loved this book.