Bad Blood by B.L. Morticia

Bad Blood is the 6th book in the multi-author Road To Rocktoberfest series. This is the story of Corrigan from the band Burnt Embers, and Thiago, the nerdy, computer programmer brother of band member Izan. 
Izan used to date Corrigan but they split up, although both still have feelings for one another. Thiago meets Corrigan when he goes to jam with the group one day and catches his eye. Izan has an accident right before the band is due to go on tour, so Thiago fills in for him happily as he quite fancies Corrigan. The rest of the book is their story. 
This is a cute love story that has a healthy dose of angst, self-doubt, banter, obstacles, passion and sex. The growing relationship between Thiago and Corrigan builds nicely and it's fun to witness how they go about 'wooing' each other. Of course, the band members don't make it easy for them, and there is the nagging in the background as to how Izan will take the news. But both men are determined to get their HEA, and as a reader, you do find yourself rooting for them! 
I enjoyed this book as a light read.
3 stars