Cupcakes and Christmas by R.J. Scott

Cupcakes and Christmas: A Bake Off inspired MM Christmas Romance, by RJ Scott
5 stars

Of course you can’t live in the UK and own a telly without being acutely aware of the Great British Bake-Off phenomenon, and RJ taps into this with her latest Christmassy feel good book. It reads just like the title; sweet, tasty and a little bit sinful; the perfect ingredients to give you all the festive feels.

World’s Best Baking Show has brought all the previous winners to the Christmassy town of Banff to film their Xmas charity special. Two of the winners, Justin Mallory and Brody Thomas arrive with more than their fair share of yuletide blues, but they aspire to bake their malaise out of their systems and in the process win more than the competition – perhaps love?
I adore this book from start to finish. It has the perfect mix of sugary sweetness and slightly bitter angst to keep me fully engaged. All the characters were well developed and played their roles to perfection. This book left me feeling nicely sated…highly recommended to leave you with a smiley floaty feeling.