Don't by Jack. L. Pyke

DON’T by Jack L. Pyke

I was sent an arc copy for review. I have already read the entire Don’t series, but the author has revised it since this book was originally released six years ago.

In brief, the story revolves around three central characters, Jack, Jan, and Gray. Jack is the one who brings them all together. He is a Master’s sub; Gray is his Master Dom, and Jan is the unwitting love interest caught in the middle of them with no ties to the Masters’ Circle until he tries to turn himself into the dom he thinks Jack needs. Gray steps in to facilitate, although Jack’s story is fraught with lots of different factions that threaten his safety, and any possibility of a normal relationship.  

To be completely honest, once I started reading the book, I was so utterly absorbed I forgot I was meant to be reviewing the updated version. However, I concluded that it had a slightly softer feel to it than my previous reading experience. This could be because I am now much more in tune with the author’s unique (not always easy) writing style, or because I already know how much more difficult and terrifying the following books are, emotionally.

It was wonderful to read about a less troubled and freer Jack. His journey is not a smooth one as the series progresses, and it was a relief to return to the days when he wasn’t in such mental anguish. Meeting Jan again for the first time (weird contradiction) was absolutely lovely. Again, it was great to experience his normal side before Jack and Gray dragged him into their crazy world, albeit willingly. 

And Gray. Well, I definitely don’t recall him being so charismatic and sexy. I think the author has improved how he comes across, the most. For such a complex character, he appears relatively normal in these initial scenes, and certainly more human. It makes for a more satisfying reading experience. 

Overall, I thought this book was just as fantastic as the first one. I enjoyed reading it even more and was enthralled from the start. It brings forth a multitude of warring emotions including angst, fear, horror, sympathy, humour, sadness and hope. It is also extremely sexy, although not for the faint of heart, to be sure.

I will definitely be reading the rest of this series again and wish Jack L. Pyke much success on the re-ownership of her marvellous, original and thrilling work.