Kel's Keeper by K.C. Wells

When asked to review a KC Wells book, I always breathe a sigh of relief as I know it's going to be at worst good and at best epic! Kel's Keeper was a great read. 
I have come to expect this author's books to be well written and to contain exceptionally well developed characters. Her back catalogue has some stand out characters for me, and even though Kel and Luc haven't achieved Thomas and Peter (Collars & Cuffs series) status in my personal rankings, I know I'm going to remember them for a long time. 
Kel is bereaved unexpectedly. He is living in his family home with no one to turn to until his long standing next door neighbour, Luc, offers his support. Both men are not out to each other. While Luc is much older than Kel and far more experienced, he doesn't feel comfortable letting Kel know he is gay. Kel also has his reason for remaining in the closet in the form of his extremely religious upbringing. The story develops into a romance and focuses solely on Kel and Luc.
The book contains all the ingredients for a hot romance with all the feels. There is a lot of sex with the slow addition of kink as they explore boundaries. The characters have strong, distinct personalities and there are no real hidden surprises. It's a little bit sweet and predictable, but I think this only adds to the appeal. Overall, I found it to be exactly what I would expect of a true romance. A very easy and enjoyable read.
4 stars