Jonty's Halloween by Barbara Elsborg

5 stars
What an absolute riot of a book! Loved it. It was so much fun. 
Barbara Elsborg has brought us yet another wonderful story starring the incomparable Jonty Bloom. He is a highly entertaining character; certainly unique, and extremely engaging. His antics are second to none and how the author thinks up his special kind of cray, is admirable. Jonty is adorable.
Meanwhile, this Halloween story is hilarious. There is an underlying serious aspect, with a few different plots going on, but they interweave and focus around a Halloween party Jonty is organising at The Dunes. The characters from all the Unfinished Business books make an appearance that enhance the reading experience, however, Jonty takes centre-stage most of the way through. 
There is a lot of humour in this book, along with a lot of love and romance. It was so engaging. As always very well written with great descriptions that make the reader feel like an observer and really part of the action. 
Cannot wait to see if there are more Unfinished Business stories coming, especially if Jonty is in them.