Redemption by Garrett Leigh (audio)

Redemption by Garrett Leigh (audio version narrated by Dan Calley) 5 stars

I'm a big fan of Garrett Leigh and downloaded the Kindle version of this book, but before I got to read it, I was asked to review the audio book. Much to my delight, Dan Calley was the narrator, so it was a happy double whammy for me.

The characters of Luis and Paulo had me gripped from the start. They are both in situations they'd rather not be and by no fault of their own. Luis is just out of prison and looking for a job. Paulo is struggling to keep his family cafe going all by himself, so when Luis applies to help, he gives him the job. They already know of each other from growing up in the same area, but Luis's reputation has been tainted by his gangsta brother, Dante, and he is keen to disassociate himself from that life. He's done his time and wants to move on. 

From an angsty start, the men slowly form a sort of friendship that precedes a burning desire for one another. But with much to lose if it all goes wrong, they are very wary...and thus their story develops. 

Dan Calley brought Garrett Leigh's story to life in a wonderfully gruff, raw tone with a healthy dose of scorn, grumpiness and threat. His voice drew me in from the start and I was hooked. The story was at times dramatic calling for an intense, hard hitting narration, but during sweeter times, Dan's voice was nothing short of sublime, (in a sexy, growly way!)

For me, I find it is important for the storyteller to be authentic to the characters, otherwise I can't take the story seriously. I love that Garrett Leigh's words, narrated by Dan Calley, were accurate London accents; ones that I am used to hearing all around me on a daily basis. 

Congratulations to both the author and narrator for a great listening experience.