Ice On Fire (Treble and the Lost Boys 1) by G.R. Lyons

Ice on Fire (Treble and the Lost Boys Book 1) by G.R. Lyons – 4 stars

GR Lyons is a new author to me, but I shall certainly be reading more. I really enjoyed Ice on Fire, despite it being set in a fantasy world which is not something that would normally attract me. However, there weren’t enough obvious differences between GR Lyon’s world and this one, so it didn’t detract from the story for me.

Zac and Adrian are the main characters. They are both young and closeted, although undoubtedly gay. They have managed to keep their sexuality hidden from their families due to both having homophobic experiences on a daily basis.

Zac is one of 8 children to loving and encouraging parents. He studies hard so that he can graduate with his music degree to pursue his passion and goal of becoming a successful musician. He plays with two bands. One is a rock band and he plays guitar. He makes up a trio with his friends who he has known since they were little kids, but they are homophobic party goers that Zac has to pretend to be straight around. The life is grinding him down, but he needs the money form their gigs.

His true joy is playing with Treble where their classical fusion allows Zac to use his violin to play music he has composed himself in a unique style. They play weekly at a venue called Underground where Zac realises he has a secret admirer.

Secret is right. Adrian sits in the back afraid of his own shadow. He suffers with acute social anxiety and often self-harms along with his meds to ground himself. His father is all controlling and he can’t see a way clear to secure his own future after graduation other than to work in the family firm.

Without giving too much away, Adriana and Zac end up in the same class at school which kick starts their friendship and then something much more intimate. But their path to happiness is fraught with terrifying obstacles. The fact neither of them are out to their families and friends. Zac’s lack of money; Adrian’s crippling mental health issues. There is so much for them to overcome.

This is a love story filled with emotional highs and lows. There is angst, humour, passion and violence. Friendships and family ties are tested. Overall, I really became absorbed by the story and was impressed with the obvious extensive research the author did to make both Zac and especially Adrian, authentic. I thought the book was extremely well written and I was captivated from beginning to end. I would have rated this 5 stars if not for the ‘other world’ element that irritated me somewhat. However, I would definitely recommend this book and will absolutely be reading more of G.R. Lyons work.