Double Dutch Courage by Helena Stone

Can you imagine the pain of finding out that the father you never knew had died before you got the chance to meet him?
Not only that but you seem to have been on his mind....
When Ronan recieves the news about his father, and his inheritence, he jumps on a plane to find out exactly what's going on!
Lucas knew his future relied on a mystery man. A son that his friend had never admitted to having. Now he had to face the prospect of losing everything.
Neither men had been given the best start in life but they had suceeded nonetheless.
When Paul Kelly died, little did he know just how much he was going to change it all.
I really liked the idea of this story, it made sense to me. The father who had tried to do the best for his son, the mother who quite clearly was hurting over the situation and the two young men caught in the middle.
Both of them come across as fragile but you soon get to see the great strength within as they deal with the situation the best way they know how.
A lovely book set in a beautiful part of the world.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x