Edge of Forever by Barbara Elsborg

Ok so this might not be your typical cowboy book but damn it's good...
We might have cowboys in it but we also have a very passionate russian model who has been sent away to learn a lesson by his father. Not everyone wants to put up with his airs and graces, plus the fact he seems to wear more eyeliner than I do!!
The other main character Levi is an all American, good man. Helping out to pay for repairs on his dad's place, also to avoid problems with his homophobic brother, the last thing he expects is to fall for the beautiful Pasha.
The story envokes some serious feelings as we go through bullying, awful back stories and a coming together that will leave you breathless. The setting may be beautiful but sometimes icky, depending on if you like the descriptive nature of goings on...
The whole thing is wonderfully written and you can almost see the sunset, the snow and the fields of cattle. The animals in the story play quite an important role and one horse in particular seemed almost human in his understanding.
There is also the way both men deal with their families and their own circumstances that leave you with a feeling of wanting to just scoop them up and give them both a hug.
Another smash from this author, I have pretty much read everything she has written and can highly recommend all of it.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x