Want (The Need Trilogy #1) by R Phoenix

Twin brother's, one with all the power and love, the other had missed out on everything. No power, no respect and definitely no love!!
The trouble with this was that all Tavi had on his mind was getting his own back on Rex...
He wanted to make his brother see just how it felt to be cast aside and humiliated.
The plan he puts in place is a devious one and watching it play out was more exciting than I would have imagined.
If there is a limit to what you will read then I would take note of the triggers listed. Not all of what goes on is consented to.
I, for one absolutely loved it and am looking forward to book two to see just how far the author takes things.
I have never read a bad book by this author and I don't think I ever will, just brilliantly imaginative and always a powerful story.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x