Alpha's Submission (Irresistible Omegas #2) by Nora Phoenix

Ok so I was desperately waiting for book 2 in this new series, I expected it to follow the same lines as the first one and in a way it did but this had so much more to it.
We get to follow on where we left of with the four men exploring the dynamics of their new relationship. Each trying to find where he fits and what works.
What we have this time is a more powerful side story where Palani and Enar are involved in uncovering some deadly secrets.
They don't realise however that digging further could put their new found love under serious threat.
I absolutely love these men, each one has a place in the story and the foursome, and we get to see them take things to a whole new level. The scenes where all of them are involved will leave you quite breathless and wanting more....
The idea of the story, with the Alphas, Betas and Omegas is an interesting one and the way the back story of the old ways is incorporated makes it a really interesting read.
I can't wait to see where we end up next, what developements are waiting for us.....
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x