Risk by Baylin Crow

Risk by Baylin Crow – 5 stars


Of the wall HOT!!!! Phew, I needed a breather after I read this book. It was scorching….


That aside, the story was great and the characters totally amazing.


We meet Drew who has just lost his job as a dishwasher and is couch surfing with his best friend Claire. He hasn’t had the easiest time with a recent drugs bust (he was innocent apparently) and having lost both parents at a young age. His only constant is his Uncle Pete and Aunt Mags – both of whom he hasn’t contacted while he’s been on his 2 year parole. But now he needs their help.


Asher is the reigning MMA champion currently training for his next big fight. Asher is gay but his management have forbidden him to come out publicly, so he suffers for the sake of his career. He even sometimes goes on dates with beautiful young women to satisfy the gossip pages. He hates everything about his life except for the fight.


Turns out that Asher trains at Uncle Pete’s gym, where Drew has just started working. Both men notice each other with interest…BUT… Drew isn’t gay and he is under the impression, along with the rest of the world, that Asher is straight. It’s all very complicated. Drew can’t understand his attraction to the mighty Asher, and Asher has another fight on his hands – how much he wants the delectable Drew.


The rest of the book deals with their developing relationship against the backdrop of keeping their attraction out of the public eye. It’s utterly thrilling and totally absorbing. I couldn’t put this book down. I loved Asher – he’s everything sexy that appeals to me. Big, strong, sweaty a lot of the time! Drew is cute. He’s so confused but when he allows himself to submit to his overwhelming desires – oh wow! Just…. oh, my…


I love this newly discovered author. Baylin Crow knows how to write. The descriptions were vivid and evocative. The main characters were well developed with believable personalities, along with excellent supporting characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend for a hot, compelling read.