Break Through (The District Line #2) by C.F. White

I was left pretty devastated at the end of book one. It wasn't the happy ending I had wanted for the two men and I have been waiting for this book so I could follow their journey.
We have two very different men, one who has a happy life, not rich but with a good family background and prospects for the future, and the other who supposedly has it all, wealth, status and what is perceived to be a good life.
What you can't see is the pain that they both carry round in their hearts.
One had tried to do the right thing by giving the other space and it had backfired, badly!!!
In this book we get to see both of them as they try to carry on without the other.
Only time will tell if it was the right thing to do but with Jay having the opportunity to play football in the US for his team, he also takes it upon himself to go and show Seb just what he is missing....
The story that follows had me filled with warmth, frustration and with one person in particular, an intense want to slap!!
It's a fantastic second book in this series and the author envokes some serious feelings as we read their story.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue xx