Tom by Kass Barrow

So I knew going in to this I was going to love it....
The first book, X, was so ridiculously emotional and I absolutely adored it.
In this one we are seeing Tom after he has survived the incident. You need to have read X as the book is full of spoilers if you haven't.
Reconnecting with his cheating ex was something that wasn't on his wish list so when he encounters Robert and wants revenge, he does something he regrets!!
When in the coma he had found the perfect man for him. He knows it was all just a dream and that no one really exists like that so when he sees X at a club he can't work out if the trauma has affected his brain.
What follows is another intense ride...
I'm not sure whether I like the reality of what happened or not, the fantasy from the first book was just beautiful and although this was just as good in it's own way, I wanted to keep the fantasy going.
That's just me though and in no way a criticism of the story. I'm just greedy and wanted more ;)
Another well deserved 5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x