Watch Me Fall by Riley Parks

Two men from the same neighbourhood, on totally different paths...
First we have Eli, former bad boy, he left that life behind to make something of himself. He's the sort of character I really like in a story, you just know he's going to come through and shine.
Then we have Gideon, he knows he wants more from life but with a bad family and no support, will he ever be free?
When Gideon makes the mistake of robbing Eli, it starts a chain reaction that will change things for both of them.
This is not your typical rich man, poor boy situation. It has way more to the story than just that. We get to see real situations and emotions, one man taking care of the other the only way he knows how.
At the end of it all, it's a love story, but one that will keep you hooked right to the end.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x