A Complicated Evolution, Part One by Mickey Taylor

An incredible story told as only Mickey Taylor knows how.

Throughout the book, as you read about the heartache, pain and sometimes helplessness that he endured in his early life, all you can hear is his voice.

He didn't try to be clever and pretty it up for a mass audience.

This book was written primarily, not for himself, although I know he said it helped him, but for the people out there who are suffering like he did.

He put his life out there for anyone who needed a bit of reassurance that things will get better.

He has proved that with hard work and dedication you can turn even the most hopeless of situations around and if his story only helps a few then he thinks it was worth it.

This book was a labour of love and I think it comes across in his words, he doesn't feel that he is anything special, just an ordinary boy from Essex who has been fortunate enough to realise his dreams.

The book made me cry at times and laugh hysterically at others.

You never know someones story just by looking at them and this just goes to prove that.

Part 2 is out already and there is a part 3 to follow.

Hope and inspiration is given here in a beautifully worded way.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x