Illuminate the Shadows by Isobel Starling

So we first met these guys in the short novella As You Wish.

In the novella Sam and Declan met after many messages online trying to organise the wedding of their siblings.

They spent a very hot, passionate few days together and then Sam disappeared.....

In Illuminate the Shadows we pick up three months later, after Declan has spent every waking hour trying to find out where Sam is, only to find he has actually been in hiding within walking distance of Declans home.

The reunion is filled with some very passionate sex which only gets better as the story progresses.

We know Sam is involved in a secret organisation, something to do with his Dad, and that to be allowed to continue in a relationship with Declan, he must now become initiated.

Knowing that this is going to happen but not when, Sam lets his guard down and Declan is abducted from his doorstep.

What follows is some very funny bits with the secret agents trying to interrogate him with all their supposed skills and Declan for some reason, able to resist them all for a while.

When he is returned to Sam with a bit of memory loss, Sam can only hope that the one thing he does remember are the feelings they have for each other.

What happens when the two men go back to their daily jobs is brilliant, having to work together covertly keeps the sexual tension up about as far as it can go without them self combusting.

We find out what happens when Declan's brother is faced with the realisation that his brother is gay, what Sam's Dad thinks of it all and just how hot Declan looks after he completes his time at a training camp.

This book is filled with twists and turns that keep you wanting more.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x