Enrapture by Pierce Smith

They had wanted to spend their first Halloween together, they both had very hot and steamy plans but fate, or maybe something darker was conspiring against them.

Noah was waiting, not so patiently for his lover Ethan to arrive home.

He had the room ready and was standing by the window, gazing out for any glimpse of his man.

What he did do was catch the attention of a man in a store opposite.

When Ethan phones to say he is running late, the start to engage in phone sex, which leads the man in the store to believe that the provocative moves and touches that Noah is putting on show are for him.

When the doorbell finally rings, Noah lets his lover in for a few hours of play and passionate, hot sex.

Although Ethan is wearing a mask they feel totally connected and Noah wants more and more.

When the doorbell rings again, his world comes closing in around him and he is not sure exactly what has just happened to him or with who.....

Was it a ghost or some darker. more evil force at work.

This book was only a short one but a very intriguing one.

The storyline was a good one but i felt it could have been filled out more with some background and maybe lost something in translation.

I look forward to book 2 to find out what happens next!!!!!

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x