Dirty Angel by Barbara Elsborg

Aden was born to be bad.

His life had been a sad one, parents who resented the day he was born, foster carers who abused him and the system and a life on the streets, stealing his way from day to day.

The one thing he had never experienced in his short life had been love.

When his time was up however, he caused major problems for the powers that be, neither Angel nor Demon could decide where he was going to spend Eternity.

They had never seen anyone with one black and one white wing.

Seems that in his final moments he had done something to partially redeem himself, if only he could remember what!!!

Given one month back on Earth, with no money, home and unable to tell anyone where he was, he had seven chances at making it right, he needed to find love, make someone love him. He just had to work out how!!!

Waking up, finding himself on a train to Caterham, he has no idea what to do.

He knows he is hungry but can't steal any food, that would be what the Demon Dante wanted and he was determined not to give up on the first day.

After a kindly store manager gives him some sandwiches and sausage rolls, he finds himself sharing them with a little dog who looked hungry.

With his food eaten he starts to walk and wanders in to a country lane only to be hit by a car.

When the gorgeous driver wants to call an ambulance he runs off, knowing that he just used one of his chances.

Hiding in a barn for the night seemed like a good idea until the owner catches him.

Luckily for him though, the owners brother is the same man who knocked him down and he lets him clean up and eat before he has to leave.

On his way out of the farm, he saves the mans nephew from falling off a roof and this seems like it could be the beginning of his redemption.

The fact that he is completely in lust with Brody hasn't escaped his attention either, maybe if he tried hard enough it could turn in to love.

Brody however has his own demons to face.

An ex who seduced him from the age of 14 who won't leave him alone, an insatiable need to be taken hard that led to him being raped and a relationship to repair with his brother.

What he doesn't need right now is a complication like Aden.

Or does he!!!

When Aden learns some of his story, he realises he would be cruel to make Brody fall in love to just have to leave him when his month is up so he tries to push him away.

The thing is though, love isn't that easily deterred.

With some interference from the Angel and Demon, threats from the ex and the fact that Aden seems to be able to perform miracles, this book is one hell of a ride.

I love all of this authors books and this one is no exception.

It kept me gripped from beginning to end and was a beautiful story of how love can truly save your soul.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x