Believing Blue by Nicole Colville

This is the 3rd book in the Manchester Menage collection and we have met Blue before.

Blue is a beautiful dancer with a kind heart who is always there for others.

What he really needs though is someone for himself, never did he think he might find not one, but two men who would love him....

Kellan is a police officer, he leads a solitary life, not really interested in love, quite happy with the odd one night stand and his mountain climbing.

On a rescue mission one night he gets more than he bargained for.

Cradling a dying man in his arms, he gets told a story of a true love that will change his way of thinking and most definitely his way of life.

When he first meets Valentino it's to tell him that his love, his life Stuart has died.

He feels a need to help the man and although he doesn't tell him what Stuart told him with his last breath, he starts to spend time with him and begins to fall in love.

Valentino is an artist, where most of his paintings used to be of Stuart, he now finds the face on his canvas is that of Kellan.

For years he hasn't set foot outside of the house but starts to wish he was strong enough to do so.

Blue had been bullied at school and had his heart broken by his first love, outwardly he is outgoing and brave but inside he is still a scared little boy.

Most men see him as an easy lay but the truth is, he is still very much the innocent.

As the relationship between Valentino and Kellan grows, Kellan meets Blue.

They take an instant dislike to each other but there is also an attraction that they are trying to deny.

After an incident at a fancy dress party, the animosity goes from bad to worse.

Over time the three men find their lives colliding and connecting in various ways as they all begin to realise that they are perfect for each other in every way.

One thing is for sure, Kellan and Valentino need each other.

Will Blue be the glue that brings them together in the relationship that will help them all find love?

Yet again Nicole Colville wows us all with her fanstastic storyline with men that we will all fall in love with.

The writing is so perfect that it takes you in to their world and you can feel exactly what they are going through.

We get a brief catch up with the guys from the first two books which i love.

Ifor one can't wait to read whatever this author brings out next. Her books never disappoint.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x