Sweet Spot by Sloan Johnson

My name is Nick, I am a baseball player waiting to get called up for the big leagues.

What I don't need are any distractions.....

His name was Cody and foolishly I thought that by pushing away the boy I loved it would help me focus more.

So I broke his heart and left my own in pieces.

Four years later, Nick is still fighting for his place and Cody is now an intern for the Milwaukee Mavericks.

Both men know that they will run in to each other but they are not sure how it will work.

What they didn't expect was that after a tense first meeting with apologies and regrets that they would fall so easily back in to each others arms.

Trying to hide it from their friends and teamates didn't work, everyone could see how much they loved each other.

This however was a problem as Nick wasn't officially out and in his profession it usually wasn't a good idea.

Throw in a seriously homophobic room-mate, a father who owns the team and more people who know what is going on than necessary and things start to go downhill.

When it all comes out however, they reaction they get isn't what they expected.....

Sometimes love really does make everything better!!!!

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x