BRYAN & JASE (Something about him) by A.D. ELLIS

What do you do when you come face to face with the love of your life after a year and he is standing there with his wife?

You smile, make small talk and die very quietly on the inside....

Especially when they are standing there with a baby.

Jase had told Bryan he was getting divorced, they had only shared a short, intense time together in the military but he still felt the connection.

Bumping in to each other at a friends wedding was always going to be hard but this was just too much.

Jase didn't regret having the baby, Grayson was his whole life, it was his wife who meant nothing to him.

He needed to explain what had happened to Bryan, wanted him to understand and as his wife seemed to know they had been together, maybe now was the right time!!!!

With a strained marriage, no interest in her child, his wife had pretty much left Jase to his own devices and this was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Bryan.

For a few days they did exactly that, Bryan falling harder in love with Jase and his baby, they talked of running away and being the perfect family.

Sadly life isn't always that easy....

All too soon the wedding was over and reality set in, they went back to their old lives but this time, tried to keep in touch.

When his wife is faced with losing her child, she does the one thing that could hurt Jase, tells his parents about Bryan.

With the threat of them taking Gray he cuts all ties to his lover and tries to move on.

The thing is, love sometimes refuses to die.

5 years and a lot of heartache later, a chance meeting means they can finally have the life they wanted, or does it!!!!

This story contains two very hot men who both just want to be able to love each other.

The prejudices they face however make this almost impossible.

A very well written book with a fantastic storyline.

The feelings it evoked were intense and kept me hooked all the way to the end.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x