Collateral Damage by J.T.Cheyanne

Trevor had left Miami Dade to escape the horror he endured at the hands of his lover.

He thought that by moving to a local P.D in a quiet town he could escape his past.

Moving in with his old friend Noah was supposed to help but without revealing his awful secret he was never going to be able to live with it.....

Logan had been in the military since school.

It was easier to leave town than let everyone know he wasn't the all round jock they thought he was.

Striking up a relationship with a man who helped him evade captivity however was something he didn't plan, and what happened when he was recovered by his unit would haunt him for the rest of his life.

These two men were thrown together by the most unlikely of circumstances and it seemed that fate and love would be keeping them together, despite all the hurdles they both had to face.

With a forgetful mother, a serial killer with a purpose and a lot of baggage to overcome, they found each other at just the right time.

This book had everything, fear, loathing, revenge, passion and love.

The storyline went from the past to present day so you actually felt like you were reliving the memories with them.

It also showed that not everything done in the name of love is the right thing to do.

5 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x