AVANTI CHRONICLES Tate's Torment by Hannah Walker

Tate Riven was part of the Avanti, an elite band of warriors.

Along with his friends, they have been taken in by the inhabitants of the planet where they crashed.

His best friend Corin has already found love on this planet, had a child and settled down with his truemate.

After a battle in which Corin was in danger, the brave Master at Arms of the Estrivia clan, Dariux Valcorn, was left badly wounded and was saved by being given some of Tate's blood.

Trying to fight the pull Tate feels towards Dariux, he ignores him as much as possible.

What he doesn't realise is that Dariux is feeling the same and is watching his every move, waiting for an opportunity to claim him as his own.

After trying to drink away his feelings one night, Tate finds himself alone with Dariux and finally gives in to his urges.

The course of their love though seems to be far from easy, there are still other clans that want to hurt their friends.

When Tate tries to save his friends and goes into battle alone, Dariux feels the pain of what it would be like to lose the one you love.

This book is a fantastic follow up to the first in the series.

It is full of different clans, species and all sorts of relationships.

I loved the loyal Refrinti, the beasts that live along side the Derin clan as family, rather than animals.

The relationship that Tate shares with the Refrinti Yanick is a very special one, he fights bravely alongside Tate in his biggest battle.

The way the storyline follows through from the first book with Lady Teriva is a major part of the book and very well written.

It took me a while to read as i wanted to keep referring to the family connections the author had very handily added to the end of the book, I like to get things straight when i read books, I like to know the connections.

The way that we see the new relationships developing sets things up nicely for the next books and I for one, can't wait......

So far, a brilliant series, full of fighting, love, lust and very hot sex with lots of bumps, you will get this reference when you read the books!!!

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x